Master Paul Dyer

Paul Dyer is the North West Regional Director for the IMAU

Mr. Dyer started training in New York.  After a stint in traditional karate, he found the Ed Parker System of Kenpo Karate, where he trained with several great instructors.  Included was an opportunity to test in front of Master Bill Ryusaki.

Mr Dyer is also trained in Military Close Quarter Combat Fighting, Yang Style QI Gong, Chi Na, Musoshindenryo Iaido and has trained under Grandmaster Edmund Louis in Hawaii Kenpo Karate.

In addition to his 5th Degree Black Belt, he has a MA in exercise science, and is a certified personal trainer with over 15 years of experience.

6th degree kenpo karate
5th degree kenpo jujitsu
3rd dragon level Tai chi
1st degree shotokan
2nd level instructor in Chin Na
Close quarter combat instructor
Qi Gong
Stick and Knife instructor
Master in Exercise Science