Grandmaster Johnny Hunter

GM Johnny Hunter is the Founder of Hunter Shotokan Kempo (Kuro Tora Kempo system)

This System is a combination of Japanese and Chinese influence. Hard and Soft movements.

GM Hunter has over 43 yrs experience in the Martial arts, he has rank 4th in the State of Texas in the AOK in 1989 and 9th in NASKA for
 Kumite and Kata, and became well known
for his skills with the nunchakus

GM Hunter started his Martial arts training at the age of 7 under his Uncle Leroy Hunter. His other most noteable Senseis were GM Percy
Mungu, Rodney Edwards
and the Late Legendary Shotokan Master Osumu Ozawa.

Shihan Ozawa certified GM Hunter to teach and represent Shotokan in 1993.

He was featured on Fox 26 City under Seige and Channel 13 news and the Houston Defender

He opened the first standing dojo in the Houston Fifth ward and the first to march a Karate school in a parade.

He had held Karate Classes at the Hester Houses and After School Programs and was part of the Fifth Ward Enrichment, a Program designed to help at risk males.

1989 and 2012 GM Hunter was inducted into The Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame and promoted to Soke and 8th Degree.