Grandmaster Jim Grubb

Grandmaster Grubb has competed and medaled nationally and internationally in duo ju-jitsu and other events. Dr. Grubb was the assistant coach to the U.S. Ju-Jitsu team for the first World Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark. To date, some of Dr. Grubb's other achievements include:

10th Dan "Sokeship" Shinja Masters and Head Masters Council
10th Dan European Ju-Jitsu Union
10th Dan Shinja Martial Arts University
10th Dan "Sokeship" International Martial Art Council of America
7th Dan A.K.J.U.
Other Dan Ranks are registered with U.S.A. Karate Federation, Pan-American Union of Karate-Do Organization,World Union of Karate-Do Organization, Black Dragon Fighting Society and the United States Judo Association
Current referee for administration and control for A.A.U. Ju-Jitsu
4 time inductee into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame
Inductee in the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Inducted into World Wide Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Dr. Grubb can be reached via e-mail at