Master Todd Somers

Master Todd Somers, started his martial arts carrer in 1984 in Kempo Karate.
He did this for 7 years, Under Master Jim Green.
Then in early 1995 started training in Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Eric Richards and Master Martin McCrory in Bloomington, Ind.
He decided long time ago he wanted to start a school after he saw the movie 'Bloodsport' the life story of Frank W. Dux. This film and his story are the reason he devoted his life to the world of Martial Arts!
Master Somers is a 2 time world Champion in Hapkido Kumite
4X USA national champion
Also has been inducteed into the USA Natioanal Martial Arts Hall of Fame!!
2008 ' Hapkido Instructor of the year'
2009 ' Hapkido Man of the Year'
2010 'Master of the year'
Master Somers is a holds ranks currently :
5th in Kempo Karate
4th in Hapkido
3rd in Tae Kwon Do