Mr. Sven Ackermann

Sven Ackermann was born in Landau/Palatina, Germany in 1978. His martial art career started at the early age of 6 years with Judo. After many years of training and competitions, he decided to learn further systems of martial arts - amongst others he learned more about Ninjitsu, Ju-Jutsu and Aikido as well as the handling of wood and metal weapons in different schools of combat sport. His training was intensified, when his trainer offered him a position as Uchi-Deshi in a French Dojo.

In the year 2005 Sensei Ackermann decided to pass on his knowledge to other people who are interested in martial arts. Together with his training partner he founded the school of “Jinsei-no-Michi”. On the one hand, this system is about traditional, as well as modern self-defense techniques without the use of weapons. On the other hand, one can learn about the handling of different Japanese wood and metal weapons.

One year later, in 2006, he met Ninjitsu Grandmaster Kim at a seminar whose techniques and teachings had influenced Sensei Ackermann for a long time. This was a chance to learn from Grandmaster Kim himself. Since that meeting they have kept in close contact, enabling Sensei Ackermann to learn even more about Ninjitsu.

2007 he founded the Bushido-Circle of Germany together with several other Budo Masters. Their aim is to keep the old traditions of martial arts.
2008 Sensei Ackermann also works as an instructor for self-defence for both – men and women at the adult education center in Landau/Palatina.
2009 he was accepted as a member of the Official “Black Dragon Fighting Society”. Today he is the designated official representative of the Black Dragon Fighting Society in Germany.

Because of this increase of public appearance, he shortly became a trainer for security staff, too. In this connection he is now able to teach his modern fighting system “Street Defense” (founded in the year 2010) as well as the traditional martial art – Jinsei-no-Michi.

2011 Sensei Ackermann was tested and certified in Florida (USA) in the art of Ninjitsu and awarded the rank and grade of 5th Degree Black Belt under Grandmaster Kim.

Today he stays in close contact with Hanshi Frank Dux to learn the Fighting System of FASST / DUX RYU.

2007 Sensei Ackermann published his first book with the title “Bodenkampf”
2011 his second with the title “Zen und die Wurzeln der Kampfkunst” (published at Leffler Media).

Since that time he has been co-author of many books about martial arts:
2007: Bushido – Der Weg des Kriegers in der Gegenwart
2010: Selbstverteidigung – Willkommen in der Realität
2011: Ashida Kim – Der unsichtbare Mann) as well as lots of articles about several topics around combat sport