Soke Steven W. Hatfield


RYU-SAIICHI-DO KARATE DO is a system created by Soke Steven W. Hatfield, by combining multiple styles and systems of martial arts. One of the styles of martial arts that inspired him the most was a style called Wae-Kune-Do Karate. This style was founded by the late Grandmaster Clarence E. West 10th Dan in 1969.


Soke Hatfield began his training at a very young age. Master Hatfield has earned a Black Belt rank in multiple styles of martial arts such as Tae-Kwon-Do, Satori Ryu Goju Ryu Karate Do, Kenpo Karate, Aikido, Iaido, Datio Ryu Jujitsu just to name a few. After meeting Master James L. Parrish, the highest ranking Black Belt under Master West, Master Hatfield chose to train in a style of martial art that would help complete the creation of a new modern street-based self-defense system. Founded in 1999 this is now know as RYU-SAIICHI-DO KARATE DO, which translates into

“A dragons way of life”

While keeping some of the traditional training values, Master Hatfield chose to lean toward a system that incorporates offensive and defensive techniques, teaching drills and techniques that are effective enough for all ages, and giving each student the ability to think on their own, and react to any and all situations that they may be faced with in their day to day life.


In November 2008 we lost our beloved Master West in a tragic fire that consumed him and his entire Steubenville, Ohio dojo while he tried to save a young lady that lived in the upstairs apartment.

Though Soke Hatfield has earned his Black Belts in multiple other styles of martial arts, if it was not for Master West’s creation of WAE-KUNE-DO KARATE, RYU-SAIICHI-DO KARATE DO would not be what it is today. Soke Hatfield received his Black Belt in WKD KARATE from Master West and Master Parrish in March 2006 in Columbus, Ohio at The Technician Dojo

(owned and operated by Soke Hatfield)  Today Master Hatfield continues to help the style of WK karate grow, by keeping WKD karate alive in his teachings.  Master Hatfield owes a great deal of his current success to Master West and his personal instructor Master Parrish.


Since the loss of Master West, Master Hatfield has been working on making new friends and family in the martial arts community.  During his search he has met many great martial artists such as Grandmaster John Legrand the Founder of  Lost Legacy Systems,  And Grandmaster Legrand introduced him to Grandmaster Papasan Jack Stren the Founder of  the world wide recognized WOMA Martial arts origination and both of these great Martial artist are from Florida, and from Papasan I had the Great Honor of Meeting the Infamous Hanshi Frank W. Dux  (Blood Sport Movie) and I feel that me and Hanshi Dux have formed a great bond.

I was blessed early this summer to have Hanshi frank W. Dux join my Martial arts federation, called  RYU-SAKURA-DO KARATE DO FEDERATION.  And he as been a great friend and brother as well as a great mentor in the arts and in life, and I would like to thank him for taking the time to speak to me and share some of his wisdom with me. No matter the rank Master Hatfield will always be a student of the arts he say’s, and I will always respect those who came before him.

Styles and Rank/Awards achieved 

·      09 Received P.H.D in Martial Science From the International School Of Martial Science

·      09 Received Award of Thanks from Prince Bader Bin Saud Bin Mohammad Mogren Ai-Saud, From Saudi Arabia

·      W.A.T.E.R.S Knife Self-Defense Program (Founder) 10th Dan Grandmaster

·      Flowing Hands Ju-Jitsu Edged Weapons Expert Master

·      A.J.K.F  Certified Ryu-Saiichi-Do Karate 10th Dan (Founder)

·      W.A.R Free safety classes for the abused (Founder)

·      K.A.S.E Child Safety Program (Founder)

·      J.P.K.F Certified Combat Hanki 8th Dan Sokedai (Fathers system)

·      W.T.F Certified Tae-Kwon-Do 8th Dan

·      I.T.F Certified Tang-Soo-Do 6th Dan Master

·      U.A.F Certified Ueshiba Aikido 5th Dan Master

·      American Bujikan Ninjitsu 5th Dan Master

·      Daito Ryu Ju-Jitsu 6th Dan Master

·      W.I.F Certified Iaido 4th Dan Apprentice Master

·      Kemibudoki Certified Goju Ryu Karate 5th Dan Master

·      W.B.B.B American Goju Ryu Karate Do 5th Dan Master

·      West Karate Systems Certified Wae-Kune-Do Karate Yudansha Black Belt

·      W.O.M.A Certified Soke Founder Of Ryu-Saiichi-Do Karate Do 10th Dan Master

·      Chinese Sokeship Licensing Board Certified Tenshi-Akuma-Do Sword Style 10th Dan Master (Founder)

·      Vice President/Co Founder of The Ohio School of Martial Science

·      A.S.C American Sokeship Council 10th Degree Black Belt (Founder) of Tenshi-Akuma-Do Karate Sub Branch

·      Te-Ashi-Do Goshinjitsu Organization (Founder)