Shihan Sky Benson

I started studying Martial Arts in 1975 at the young age of 9 years old in the art of Kung-fu (Shaolin 5 animal system)  and had earned a Red Sash, Instructor status by the age of 15 by Sifu Chu (YMCA) and won many points style tournaments held in California in the 1980's.

I was a respected point competition champion. So I made a practice out of visiting other schools to check out any potential competition. When I wandered into Frank Dux North Hollywood school I became overwhelmed by the sight of several rows of students my own age and even younger that, with far less time in the martial arts than me, they could, if push came to shove, walk right through me. My ego was crushed, instantaneously. I, immediately, enrolled and found that the training was so intense I'd go home crying and yet, loving every minute of it. What I learned there I have carried with me for the rest of my life both as a person and in terms of martial arts.

After a few months of training I was not able to attend further because of transportation problems so I set out to study whatever else I was able to find. I received Black belts in Tae Kwon Do & Tang soo do thru Robert James, Student of Chuck Norris & Byong Yu & Goju ryu thru Master Charles Fischer.

I must confess, after I stopped training because of transportation problems, and, unsatisfied with other schools, I, eventually, returned to my studies with Frank Dux when I turned 18. Since, I found myself always comparing any other training to his. He instilled in us, his students, that fighting isn't the answer to solving our problems or differences with others but dealing from a position of personal power is, as it keeps others from forcing their will over us.  A philosophy that served as a defining reason for me to always respect other martial artists and styles because this is the noble cause they serve. He displayed the quiet confidence that earned my trust. He encouraged all of his students to study many different styles and not just his - to be humble, patient, healers and creators rather than destroyers. And he did this by leading by example. In one situation, I watched him relieve my training partner's pain, whose knee I accidentally injured and as a result was on his back rolling around glassy eyed. I thought for sure the knee was broken as I, distinctly, heard it pop. Frank Dux rubbed his hands together, built up heat and applied pressure with his fingers in a couple of key places on his leg. Almost immediately, he announced the pain was gone and he returned to the hard training and finished out the rest of the class, without break.  It appeared miraculous to me back then but what Frank Dux did, I only realized much later in life, was G-Jo and Chua-Ka, two rare forms of acupressure first aid. As a direct result of that incident I became motivated to learn everything I could about oriental methods of healing to the point I posses a PhD in the subject. I use G-jo today in training and treating my own martial art students, family and friend's physical ailments.

Upon the move of the Dux Ninjitsu school to a larger location I was able to start Attending again and this was to be my final destination for which I still continue to train except for the evolution of the system to F.A.S.S.T. which I currently train and have been authorized to teach under Hanshi Frank Dux. My current rank in the system is a Grandmaster and I have received my level A instructors certification in the Israeli  combat art of KAPAP thru Moshe Galisko - president of  KAPAP International.

Thru my years of training I have been able to train with some great teachers and styles even though I was never ranked in these systems they include Judo, Aiki-Jiujitsu, Muay Thai & Tjakai Kickboxing, Grappling and CQC.

I am an Administrative Member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society of which is a great honor given to me by Shidoshi Frank W. Dux and Dr. Lawerence Day.

I enjoy teaching and have made the arts my lifelong journey. I have developed many strengths and have had the opportunity to train many Great Grandmasters as well as Masters of many systems as well as Military and Police forces in the theories and principles of the science of fighting, teaching Body Bio Mechanics and Dynamic Footwork along with many other principals taught to me by Frank Dux. What I teach is not a style but an Application Technology that can be shown and applied to any system or way of fighting to gain the most efficient and effective way of closing the distance and overwhelming your opponent.

I was Inducted into The Alliance & US Martial Arts Hall of Fame on June 20th 2009 for Master Ninjitsu Instructor of the year and on August 1st 2009 as Master Instructor to the International Martial Arts Council United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. What great memories I will have sitting along with all my peers in the world of martial arts and being recognised for what I have been working so hard for my whole life.

I look forward to meeting and working with you in wherever your journey takes you.