Shihan Buddy Legnon

Shihan Buddy Legnon began his martial arts training in the fall of 1986 under the direction of Sabunim Mike Leblanc of the Gonzales Karate Club (Tang Soo Do) in Gonzales, La. 

After 2 years of sporadic training and having acquired only an orange belt, he gave up karate to go to school. Years later, he found himself searching for a martial art that would satisfy his cravings.

From the period of 1990-1992 he experimented with Kenpo Karate under Master Chuck Sullivan, Aikido with Sensei Jagneaux, and finally Shotokan Karate in 1992 under Sensei Joe Hall, a sandan of Grand Master Dr. Lawrence Day.

He earned Shodan in Shotokan in the summer of 1996.

Many others attributed to his training during this time, including  Sensei Ron Townley, and Shihan Lane Vellion. 

Shortly thereafter, Sensei Joe Hall retired, leaving him with limited options to continuing his studies. He searched out Grand Master Day and found him in Fort Walton Beach in 1999. They have remained in close contact since then.

 Shihan Buddy Legnon was inducted into the Black Dragon fighting society in July of 2007 by Grand Master Day, along with his top student and assistant instructor Sensei Andrew Ficklin.

 "In my 14 years of teaching Shotokan, I have been fortunate to have awarded the rank of Shodan to 6 students. It is the greatest feeling to see your students work so hard and achieve so much."

Buddy currently holds a Master's rank of Godan (Fifth Dan) in Shotokan Karate under Grandmaster Day's direction.