Shihan Alfred Urquidez

Shihan Alfred Urquidez–Master teacher 5th & 6th degree Black Belts Kenpo-Shotokan. Officially acknowledged holding “rank” in Kajukenbo.

▪ 45 years in the Martial Arts, 36 years as a black belt in Kenpo-Shotokan
▪ 15 years of Kick-boxing with my family, Urquidez brothers and sister
▪ 1978 – 1985 Served in the Marine Corp, Achieved the rank of Sergeant
▪ 1998 – 2001 : Royal Rangers, Title - Sectional Commander of San Fernando Valley,

▪ To encourage children and adults to become productive citizens in the community, through martial arts training building self-esteem and confidence.
▪ 1998 – Present: ” Spiritual Wellness” Kenpo-Shotokan School Over 100 students training under my teaching. Through the Martial Arts we have worked to perfect a curriculum that helps each person individually to strive for a well balanced mental, physical spiritual life with an understanding of integrity, honor and wisdom.

▪ 2002 – Outstanding contributions and support in the Martial Arts from the U.S. Open Karate Federation.
▪ 2002 – Best supporting Martial Arts School – Norwalk Sheriff Activity League.
▪ 2003 – Outstanding best supporting school overall ( 25 school participation )
▪ 2003 – Inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame – “Most outstanding contributions to the Martial Arts”
▪ 2003 – Appointed board member to the Executive Board of the Masters Hall of Fame
▪ 2004 – Appointed executive council to Ambassadors Masters Hall of Fame

Personal friends and associations:
▪ Arnold Urquidez, 10th degree black belt
▪ Ruben Urquidez, 10th degree black belt.
▪ Lily Rodriguez, 10th degree black belt. Kick boxing champ.
▪ Benny Urquidez, 10th degree black belt. World champ Kick Boxing.
▪ Ed Parker, 10th degree black belt.
▪ Chuck Norris, 10th degree black belt.
▪ Blinky Rodriguez, Kick boxing champ, Gang community liaison.
▪ Many more…

▪ I believe that through the Martial Arts training, people of any age and color, of either gender or economic status can learn to face life’s challenges—physical, mental and spiritual. They can become strong individuals based on commitment, hard work, honesty, and integrity. They will learn the art of adaptability and redirecting the negative to the positive in their world making a difference in the community.

Together with the guidance and support of my brothers Arnold, Benny and Ruben, “Spiritual Wellness” and the school of Kenpo-Shotokan can make a difference in our society.

Alfred Urquidez teaches at the same dojo that he has for 14 years, in the old building at The First Arleta Assembly of God, at 9757 Arleta Ave., Arleta, California 91331 with the blessing of Pastors Al Meza and Sammy Vasquez. He is also on Facebook.