Sensei Peter Nozawa Thurwachter

Born in Sydney Australia 5/15/1980.  My father's job had taken me to different parts of the world where I was exposed to many different styles of martial arts including, Tae Kwan Do, Ninjyutsu, Taichi-Chwen, Shorinji Kempo, Kendo, and Shorin Kempo. 

Having settled in Seattle, I was lucky enough to have a chance meeting with Hanshi Frank Dux who just happened to live blocks away from my workplace.  Moved by Hanshi Frank Dux's efforts to help underprivileged children through martial arts and other means, I have been trying to assist Hanshi's cause with the skills I have to offer.

My previous professional experience as an art director at a video game company allows me to make 2D and 3D art renditions of most anything someone can describe to me, and my Native Level Japanese, both have come in handy.

Hanshi Dux has told me of the history of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, and I couldn't agree more, that racism does not have a place in martial arts.

By becoming a member, I can help promote this message and help more people in America see that martial arts is an incredible way for personal growth, and help shed that all too common knee jerk reaction, "Martial arts is violent, it is bad".