Sensei John D. Lee

Sensei John D. Lee began his martial training at the age of fifteen as a quest to conquer a hideous temper. He drifted from mediocre teacher to mediocre teacher and from style to style until age 28.

In 1998 he studied Shorin Ryu for two years under Sensei Alan Maza who was adept at his martial science.

Sensei Lee spent three years in SWAT furthering his martial skills with extensive weapons training as well as hand to hand combat.

In 2006 Sensei Lee began his studies of Isshin Shorinji Ryu under Master Gary Vincent who was a direct student of style creator Grand Master Robert Murphy.

In 2008 Master Vincent sent Sensei Lee to study Hapkido under Master Toth and Sensei Eric Walker to further his knowledge in different styles.

In 2009 Sensei Lee earned his Shodan under Master Vincent.

In 2009 Sensei Lee began his studies of Shotokan under Master Jr. Cobb.

Sensei Lee quickly earned his Shodan in Shotokan. In late 2009 while under Master Cobb’s tutelage, Sensei Lee was formally promoted to Nidan by Grand Master Stoffel van Vuuren, Hanshi Frank Dux, Grand Master Lawrence Day and Grand Master Joe Cayer.

Sensei Lee continues his martial studies under Master Cobb at the Martial Arts Academy of Fort Walton Beach in Florida and is a member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society.