Michael C. Felkoff

Master M.C. Felkoff was born in 1938 in Chicago, Illinois. He is a Vietnam Veteran and started his martial arts training in Hawaii in the Sixties. He is a world-class instructor and pioneer of the oriental martial arts in the United States, having studied and taught the arts for over forty years. He is known for his no-nonsense approach to teaching self-defense and is truly an expert in the utilization of principle. In the Sixties and Seventies, Master Felkoff was active in tournaments both as a competitor, coach, and judge.

Presently his emphasis has been the Chinese systems of short and long fist, as well as the Internal Arts of Tai-Chi Chuan, Pa-kua, and Hsing-I Chuan. Master Felkoff has taught hundreds of students during his career in the Midwest, California, and Nevada, with many who have become well-known competitors and instructors.

Master Felkoff has studied a broad range of martial arts which include: Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, Kenpo in Hawaii; and Ki Aikido under Koichi Tohei Sensei, Tai-Chi, Pa-kua; and Hsing-I Chuan under Professor Chi-Kuang Huo, Tai-Chi Chuan under General Li-Ming Zou and Tai-Chi Chuan; Pa-kua, and Hsing-I Chuan under Grand Master Lu Hung-Ping.

Master Felkoff was the founder of the Chinese Cultural Center in Chicago, Illinois as well as the founder of the Phoenix Holistic Healing Foundation, Inc. [this is a tax deductible charitable foundation and school pursuant to 26 USC 501 (c) (3) et seqq.] in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Master Felkoff has been featured in many newspapers, magazines and television appearances over the years. He also produced an excellent instructional video on Tai-Chi Chuan, specifically a short Chi Kung form entitled, The Seven Golden Movements, which is from the “Secret Family Style” of Yang.

Master Felkoff currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where he teaches students on a selected basis only.