Sensei Jack Hyland

Jack Hyland was 13 years old when he first began training in the martial arts. Jack found a karate school a few blocks from his home that taught the Korean art Tae Kwon Do. The next few years Jack moved from school to school until he came across a school that offered something different. The instructor was David Bird, who was teaching a blend of Korean and Japanese styles that included Arnis, a Filipino martial art. While increasing both Jack's knowledge and skill level, he assisted Mr. Bird with teaching, seminars, coaching, and revamping Mr. Birds own style of Arnis.

Jack has been fortunate to train with Sunny Umpod, Bill Wallace, Ted Lucylucy, Al Dacascos, Remy Presas, Kathy Long and Jeff Alexander. When he moved to California to pursue a career in the stunt field he was able to train and work out with Richard Bustillo and Peter Cunningham.

Jack Hyland has achieved a 3rd degree Black Belt and a Black Shirt (instructor level) in Arnis.