Grandmaster Quoc L. Tran

Master/Sifu Quoc L. Tran was born and raised in a Christian family in Can Tho, Vietnam. He has 1 brother, 3 sisters and parents. Master Tran and his family came to the United States in 1986 and settled in Brooklyn, New York for several years and later relocated to Hackensack, New Jersey.

Master Tran is a young and talented, Vietnamese martial artist who has been involved in the martial arts since he was very young in which he has studied, trained, taught and researched. Master Tran currently holds high black belt rank in several martial arts styles and systems.

Master Tran began to teach martial arts privately while he attended New Jersey Institute of Technology where he studied and graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science on January 23, 2002. After he graduated, he continued to teach martial arts privately to his students at his house.

He is recognized as the Master and Founder of his own fighting styles, an innovator and a very humble person. He is known as a loving and caring person. He is a person full of compassion for the people.

He founded the style of Tinh Vo Dao/Vietnamese Combat Natural Boxing, Tranjitsu, Street Rapid Defense System and Lu Tran Kung Fu. All his styles are recognized both nationally and internationally by some of the most respected, renowned and well established martial arts organizations in the world. For all the styles that he founded, Master Tran calls it "Vietnamese Combat Martial Arts / Wushu”. Master Tran would love to shares his styles and knowledge to anyone who want to learn. Master Tran has received the honorary Shaolin Monk name “Shi Yan Fu” which means “Master Tiger Eye”, given to him by Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Bernd Hohle "Gin Long - Golden Dragon Jr.", 33rd Generation Inheritor of Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu Master and Headmaster of the Martial Arts Association – International.

Master Tran was recognized and affiliated by a 32nd Generation Shaolin Monk, Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Gu Ping. Prof. Dr. Gu Ping is the World President of the International Gu Ping Wushu Federation in Guangdong, People’s Republic of China.

Master Tran is the Founder and President of the International Tinh Vo Dao Federation, International Tranjitsu Federation, International Lu Tran Kung Fu Association, Combat Warrior Martial Arts Association and Christ-Mission Martial Arts Alliance. He is also the co-founder and executive vice president of the Global Society of Founders and Grandmasters Foundation.

He was awarded the title of “Soke” by the Seibushin Kai Imperial Order of Black Belt Warrior Brotherhood Yudansha Bushin Kai, Supreme Council of Higher Martial Arts Education, International Combat Martial Arts Founders Union ICMAUA, Christian Martial Arts Association, World Headmaster and Sokeship Union, World Organizer of Martial Arts (Recognized by World Soke Head Council of Japan), World Organization of Mixed Martial Arts, Rokudai-Jitsu Ninpo Organization, Nippon Budo Kai Kokusai Renmei – Japanese Martial Arts International Federation and others.

Master Tran was awarded a Doctorate and Professorship in Philosophy of Martial Arts from the International University of Martial Arts Sciences and also received his Ph.D. in Martial Arts from the Martial Arts Masters World Federation Inc. He was inducted into the "The World Martial Arts Doctor Faculty" of the Martial Arts Masters World Federation Inc. Master Tran was also awarded the degree of Doctor of Yoga Philosophy from the Indian Yoga Science University. Master Tran was also recognized by the University of Bohol, College of Criminology.

In 2005, the International University of Sports and Martial Arts Sciences Inc. were established and Master Tran is appointed as President and Dean of the University for the year 2005-2006.

Master Tran was also awarded the title of “World Champion 2005 in Combat Martial Arts” by the World Combat Martial Arts Championship ICMAUA and World Martial Arts Champions Record Holder of the Martial Arts – International.

On June 19, 2004, Master Tran was married to Thao M. Lu who was also born in Vietnam. His wife was graduated with the same major as him; a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University in New York. He and his wife currently settle in New Jersey.

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» New Jersey State Representative - World Combat Arts Federation
» New Jersey State Representative - Valadez Kenpo Association
» New Jersey State Representative - United States Jiu Jitsu Alliance
» New Jersey State Representative - Diversified League of Martial Artists
» Combative Martial Arts Director - Diversified League of Martial Artists
» Representative - American Federation of Jujitsu
» Former New Jersey Area Director, USA Regional Director and USA National Board of Representative – World Budo Alliance
» Member of International Board of Black Belt - World Black Belt Council
» International Director - Asian Brotherhood of Lethal Defense International
» New Jersey President/Chairman - World Martial Arts Organizations Alliance
» USA Representative – Martial Arts Association – International (with over 1000 Martial Arts Schools and Members in over 120 Countries)
» Ambassador - Martial Arts Association - International (Member of the Board of Director)
» Ambassador of Martial Arts (Council Member) - Supreme Council of Higher Martial Arts Education World Ambassador Council of the MAA-I
» Advisor - World Street Combat Systems Organization (Member of the Board of Director)
» WSCSO International Technical Advisor - Street Combat Systems
» WSCSO State Director New Jersey, USA
» WSCSO World Director Vietnamese Arts
» Member of the K.I.K.A/K.B.M.A World Grandmasters Council
» Lion Dance Team - International Lion Dance Federation
» Certified Agent for the "National Security Alliance" Kid-Safe Network
» Hononary Black Belt Instructor, Advanced Commando Combat System: ACCS
» World Council Member: International Tactical Authority Committee: ITAC
» Hononary Chairman - World Turando Association
» International Advisor - World Nibuikai Budo Federation
» Vietnam Official Representative - World Organization of Mixed Martial Arts
» IMMAA World Representative - Continental/Country Region of North America
» International Representative - International Martial Arts Association
» Special Advisor – Budo-Lympic-Games of Martial Arts Association – International
» Adviser – Kaju Ryu Jujitsu Systems
» Representative of New Jersey / USA - International Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do Kobudo Association
» Director of Advisors - International Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do Kobudo Association
» Board Member - World Sokeship Council Seishinryoku Kai
» Chief Advisor and USA New Jersey Representative - International Wushu KungFu Times Magazine
» Ambassador of International Martial Arts Research Institute (Member of the Advisory Council) for the United States of America
» USA Representative - International Okinawa Seishinryoku Tai Chi Club