Grandmaster Markus Wortmann

Grandmaster Markus Wortmann Founder and President of Tactical-Combat-Association-International was born in 1969, he starts his martial arts career in 1987 with the arts of Muay Thai Boran.

After two years he further starts to study the arts of Aikijtusu, Iaijutsu and Ch´uan Fa Kempo.

After several years of training and to continue his education, he started to study the arts of Jiu-Jitsu, Kobudo and Self Defense for humans with handicap.

During his time in the German Military (1993-2004) he improved his skills in the martial arts with several Grandmasters of different martial arts styles (like Kijutsu, Shaolin Quan Kung Fu, Ninjutsu, and Kempo-JiuJitsu) though he was not graduated in these styles. He starts to instruct his Army mates in using the Tonfa and single stick Tanbo.

From 1998-2001 he trained the German Military Police during the war mission (SFOR and KFOR) in Macedonia and Kosovo.

After his time in the Army and finishing the education with the master diploma for protection and security he started working in private security services in Germany and around the world.

Due to his experience and skills he developed the styles “Tactical-Combat Ultimate Self Defense and Tactical-Combat Legal Enforcement Self Defense” in 2003 which are established in some International Associations.

He open up in 2004 his own martial arts school “Sport- & Gesundheitszentrum” in Hagen Westphalia / North Rhine Westphalia / Germany where he trained today and teaches.

Founder and President of Tactical-Combat-Association-International

Founder and Headmaster of Tactical-Combat Ultimate Self Defense &

Tactical-Combat Legal Enforcement Self Defense