Grandmaster Frank W. Dux

In addition to countless eyewitness accounts, Senate Intelligence Oversight, Congressional Hearing witness - Iran-Contra paymaster, Lt. Commander Alexander Martin, USN, under penalty of perjury, has identified Mr. Frank W. Dux as a covert operative who is responsible for having not only briefed him as one of the architects of Operation Cordoba Harbor but in his skirting violations of the Boland and Logan Amendments, his bravery and sacrifices led to the defeat of the Sandinista Regime, in Nicaragua.

Frank Dux activities are so sensitive and complex, as standard operating procedure requires, predictably, they are officially denied. Even in light of evidence to the contrary, according to spy master Lt. Commander, Martin (USN).

Four Star Major General Anatoly Korneinko, USSR, declared under penalty of perjury and as an official representative of Soviet Military Authority, Frank Dux is one of the world's finest operatives, dubbed “The Hunter”, whose skills and experience is what legends are made from. It enabled Frank Dux to be trusted to have led a Top Secret operation at the height of the cold war between the USSR and US, that's success or failure possibly determined the deployment of weapons of mass destruction. So secret, his activities were even concealed from many of the people he served. Thus, it earned him the moniker - The Secret Man.

In light of the events that led to his discovery and the publication of his best selling auto-biography, based upon his exploits -- The Secret Man, HarperCollins, 1996, while officially denied as they are highly sensitive, in professional circles of SPECWAR operators Mr. Frank W. Dux is often described as America's real life answer to James Bond or Ethan Hunt.

A third generation descendant of Covert Operatives Frank Dux possessed the network, technical knowledge and experience to have built a highly distinguished reputation for himself as an independent contract agent by successfully completing what many intelligence agencies and film aficionado's describe as Mission: Impossible. A random sampling of some of his unclassified achievements and duties include:

• The source contributor in the compilation and creation of the United States Navy SEAL CFC SPECWAR Manual:
K - 431-0097; IN USE BY Black Operations and Special Forces Personnel, World-Wide.

• Engaged in confidential activities and training with the Ukrainian government's Top Secret Anti-Terror unit -- BERKYT.

• Lecturer for the NEOA (Narcotics Enforcement Officer's Association) on surveillance, covert planning and operations;

• Former Adjunct Faculty member of the DOD funded Multi-jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force, Criminal Justice Institute, St. Petersburg, Florida;

• Consultant to HIDTA, New York City

• Actively, engages in the creation, evaluation and training of Defensive Tactics, Special Weapons and Tactics, as well as, Hostage Rescue Team Tactics. - World-wide,

• Bestowed title of Knight Chevalier, Police Hall of Fame, Miami, Florida;

• Featured expert on Anti-terrorism and Executive Protection for news shows (e.g. CNBC's Geraldo Rivera Live, etc.)

• Former Director of International Operations, ISA,

• Consultant to NASDAQ Security Solution Companies, (e.g. ADNAS - Applied DNA Sciences, etc.)

From 1975 THROUGH 1980, Frank Dux honed his personal protection skills to the point it transformed him into the truly first Ultimate Fighting Champion, reigning as Kokuryukai World Full Contact Kumite (no-holds-barred) Champion; retiring undefeated and having establishing 16 WORLD RECORDS; many of which have been standing for little over a quarter of a century; and as a result Dux being Inducted into five martial arts Halls of Fame as a “Living Legend” (e.g. Action Martial Arts Magazine, etc.);

Frank Dux is a name that became so world renowned in the underground fight world that it came to be immortalized by the 1988 motion picture based upon his early life achievements, entitled Bloodsport, responsible for launching the film career of Jean Claude Van Damme - it is a cult classic, globally popular - attributed to Frank Dux inspiring story and implementing a new realistic fight choreography, Hollywood film makers adopted and use today.

A random sampling of Frank Dux martial art achievements include:

To further the ideals of industry unification and solidarity, in 1975, Frank Dux defied convention and boldly started fashion trend NHB fighters follow today by his fighting in shorts rather than martial art uniforms,

In 1980, he is the first to establish the First American School & Style of Nin-jitsu, thereby, challenging the Bunjinkan monopoly that was steadfastly promoting and strictly ascribing to traditional concepts of Ninjitsu, deeming any deviation being unacceptable, then.

Coached and Produced Over 25 Regional, National & Martial Art Full Contact World Champions.

Recipient of California Youth Karate Dragon Award, for his humanitarian work with disadvantaged and disabled children.

Co-founder of FASST™ (Focus Action Skill Strategy & Tactics) problem solving technology that applies martial art principles to creating financially sustainable solutions that can fundamentally change individuals & society… (i.e. enlightening and motivating victims of aggression or substance abuse how to end the cycle of dysfunction, etc.)

Author of Martial Art Bible: Secrets Of Warriorship (release date unspecified) that's size and scope makes it, virtually, the PDR of Martial Arts.

Mr. Dux studied and held minimum title and rank of instructor or higher, in over twenty-two traditional indigenous martial art systems world-wide.

Bestowed upon him is the title: GRANDMASTER: HANSHI; Rank of: JO-dan (10th degree of 10 degrees of professional expertise) as granted to him by governing bodies Shinjimatsu, Yokohama Japan and Head of Family Sokeship Council as well as various other professional martial organizations for which he served as a regulating Board/Council Member by which to promote or demote the rank and title of subordinates and peers, pertaining to authenticity of martial skill sets, spirit and academia foreign to his own system.

His last world record occurred in April1993 when after a thirteen year hiatus and retirement, with 40,000 spectators and millions watching the telecast Frank Dux became the first and only human being to punch through bullet proof glass at the International Martial Arts Festival. Bercy Stadium, Paris, France.


International Fighting Arts Association (IFAA)
World Hevyweight Full-Contact Kumite Champion
(1975 thru 1980)

Freestyle Weapons/Forms Champion
(1975 thru 1980)

World Records

1975 - Most consecutive knockouts in a single tournament - 56

1975 - Fastest recorded Kumite knockout - 3.2 seconds

1975 - Fastest recorded punch resulting in a knockout - .12 seconds

1975 - Fastest recorded kick resulting in a knockout - 72 MPH

1975 - Shortest knockout time average for fight career - 1:20 sec

1975 - First to acieve IFAA Weapons/Forms score of a perfect "10"

1978 - First Kumite fighter to exceed 300 matches

1980 - First Kumite fighter to be undefeated with over 100 matches

1980 - Final Kumite fight record - 329 matches

1990 - Chi Kung Tug of War (Standing on one leg) - 66 people, Zug, Switzerland.

1993 - First and only martial artist to break bullet proof glass barehanded. International Martial Arts Festival, Bercy Stadium, Paris, France.

1993 - Multiple Champaign Bottle break, varying heights with a single kick. - International Martial Arts Festival, Bercy Stadium, Paris, France.

1993 - Chi Kung Tug of War (kneeling position) - 23 people. Lausanne, Switzerland.

1993 - Bottle break (vertical palm heel) - International Martial Arts Festival, Bercy Stadium, Paris, France.