Grandmaster Ernie Reyonlds

Kendo player, Judo player, bodybuilding champ, grappling expert, karate master and martial arts hall of famer. Theses are just a few of the accomplishments of Dr. Reynolds. Ernie was an energetic youth with little freedom but lots of creativity. A sense of justice emerged in Ernie even as a young child. Many times he had to “take care of the bullies” because he could not stand to see anyone “picked on”. Like many American boys he played football and generally liked school.

At the age of eight his father enrolled him in a Shorinji Kempo class to help him expel his excess energy and keep him out of trouble. His teacher was a very strict man who would not take no for an answer. After 4 years of training Ernie earned his first black belt in Kempo at the age of twelve. In Japan he continued his Karate and Kendo training under Henry Osaka.

The dojos at that time were family run and by invitation only. Ernie was the only American who trained in Master Osaka’s class. He was later introduced to Yamato, a Kodakon master, who after what seemed an eternity, agreed to instruct him in Judo.

In 1959 Ernie was honerably discharged from the Army. His father’s failing health required him to return to the states. Here he was fortunate to train with many martial art masters.

In 1971 Shihan Reynolds founded the Black Dragon Association. Among his students a hand selected group of students, who had to pass physical and mental tests, were concidered for the Black Dragon’s Stealth Team. These students were taught Dim-mak, a deadly art which should only be used in war time.

Shihan Reynolds has also belonged to many martial arts organizations.

He once belonged to FSKA and RAM. Currently he is a member of the I.M.A.A.

Also he is a member of the N.R.A. and is a certifed weapons instructor.

He is a certified V.I.P. bodyguard and has guarded many famous people.

Other acheivements include International Soke ship, EUSAIMAA hall of famer, World Hall Of Famer and Who’s Who in the Martial Arts. He has appeared in many books and has a series of 25 video tapes on Iaido, drawing of the live blade.

As an instructor he has taught countless children and adults. He has taught many handicaped children martial arts also. Blind, deaf, autistic, not one was ignored.

His personallity and dedication never fails to inspire.

A quote from Shihan says it all, “My love for the martial arts is unchanging. I love it now as I did the day I began, and will until the day I die”