Grandmaster Donald Miskel

I began my studies of the martial arts in 1957 at the Washington Park, Chicago Park District field house where I took up Judo and boxing.

In 1959 I began studying Judo and Kano Jiu Jitsu under Mas Tamura at the Jiu Jitsu Institute in downtown Chicago.

In the mid sixties I began studying Shotokan Karate under Shojiro Sugiyama.

In about 1965 I began Studying Shorei Goju Karate under my Sensei Doug Dwyer at the 'Academy of Samurai Warriors' on West 63rd Street in Chicago.

I received my first black belt in Chinese Kempo (Chaun Fa) and Chinese Kuntao while in the service. I also had an opportunity to study and rank in several other martial arts while in Okinawa, Korea, the Philippines and in South East Asia during my stint in the military.

While on leave after my first Tour in Viet Nam I trained with Doug at his dojo and my black belt was recognized by the World Karate federation.

In the early seventies upon leaving the military, I trained with John Keehan on west Ashland Avenue in Chicago.

In my martial arts career I have trained under many other martial arts masters including Master Bill Qua, Master W. Choi, Master James Hu, Master Quoc Tran, Master Robert Hackett, Sensei Grazanski, Sensei Gilbert James, Sensei Freeman Foxx, Sensei Benji Appalado, and many others. I have advanced black belts in several systems of Karate, Jiu Jitsu and, Kenpo and other systems. My highest ranks are as follows:

10TH Degree Shodai Soke: of the BLMAA and the Black Lotus Combat System.

Grandmaster: (Dante Ryu) Kokuren Gojute Kempo Ryu Jujitsu

10TH Degree in BDFS Shaolin Kung Fu

9TH Degree  Lu Tran Kung Fu

7TH Degree Honto Seisen Ryu Kempo

7TH Degree in Kan Balam Kung Fu

7TH Degree Tinh Vo Dao

7TH Dan Jute Ryu Jujitsu

Master Instructor:

Cane Fighting,

Stick Fighting,

 Knife Combat

I am a licensed and ordained minister and Pastor. I have a Doctorates in Theology (ThD) and a Doctorates in Christian Counseling (DCC). I also have a Masters in Divinity (DDiv.) and a BA in Psychology. I have an A.A in Microbiology and Chemistry.

I have worked professionally as a Quality Control Chemist, a Psych Tech., a Crisis Counselor, a Prison Chaplain and a Pastor at various times of my life.

I am a Certified Christian Counselor, a certified Crisis Counselor and a Certified Prison Chaplain.

I have honorary Doctorates in Martial Science and Martial Arts Education. I have also been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame(s) of several organizations.