Grand Master Len G. Kirschbaum

Only a brief description

1963-Began Martial arts training in Chinese Kempo Karate    

 1967-Began training in Shoto-Kan Karate

1968-Began training in Tang Soo-Do karate

1969-Opened first Martial Arts School in Central Wisconsin (assistant instructor under Mr. Jacob J. Kuhn)

1969-Earned 1st Degree Black belt in Shoto-Kan karate

1970-Earned 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do

1970-Became lead instructor of M.A. school when Head instructor moved away

1971-Earned 1st Degree Black belt in Chinese Kempo

1972-Earned 2nd Degree in Taekwon-Do, 2nd Degree in Shoto-Kan and 1st Degree in Tang Soo-Do                      

1973-Formed the Wisconsin Taekwon-Do Federation (WiTF)

1973-Earned 2nd Degree in Tang Soo-Do

1973-Co-founded the North-Central Instructors Black Belt Federation with Master Bill Van Auken. This organization consisted of various styles of martial arts. This organization became the center point for martial artist from several States to attain proper rank certification in other systems.

1974-Earned 3rd Degree in Taekwon-Do

1975-Earned 3rd Degree in Tang Soo-Do                         

1975-Hosted the Wisconsin State Taekwon-Do Championships

1976-Earned 4th Degree in Taekwon-Do and 3rd Degree in Shoto-Kan*

1976-Began training in Hapki-Do

1978-Earned 1st degree in Hapki-Do and 4th Degree in Tang Soo-Do                          

1978-Founded the United States Taekwon-Do Commission (USTC)

1980-Hosted the American Crown National Karate and Martial Arts Championships

1980-Earned 5th Degree in Taekwon-Do and 2nd Degree in Hapki-Do                         

1984-Earned 5th Degree in Tang Soo-Do

1985-Earned 3rd Degree in Hapki-Do

1986-Earned 6th Degree in Taekwon-Do

1987-Founded the International Academy of Taekwon-Do (the official training headquarter for instructor certification in the USA).              

1989-Granted 7th Degree in (ITF) Taekwon-Do, and 4th Degree in Hapki-Do*          

1990-Earned 6th Degree in Tang Soo-Do*            

1994-Granted 8th Degree in (ITF) Taekwon-Do                          

1996-Co-founded the Original Taekwon-Do Federation (OTF) a national governing body for Original Taekwon-Do in the USA, with the blessing of the Father of Original Taekwon-Do, Choi Hong Hi.

1997-Represented the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and the (OTF) at the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace at the request of the founder of Taekwon-Do, Choi Hong Hi.

1997-Granted 9th Degree in (ITF) Taekwon-Do and title of Grand Master

1998-Began Conducting Master Instructor Certifications for the ITF in Original Taekwon-Do throughout the world as requested by Choi Hong Hi.

2001-Co-founded the KiRu Moo-Do system of martial arts with Grand Master Wesley Ruiz. The style of KiRu Moo-Do emphasizes the complete use of Mind, Body and Spirit with the instruction of the healing arts.

2002-Received notice that the Father of Original Taekwon-Do passed on, on the 15th day of June. Grand Master Kirschbaum called for a special session of Masters and Grand Masters to discuss the fate of the ITF. The special session met on June 17th, and reformed the OTF (the national USA organization, and changed the name to “The International Original Taekwon-Do Federation, (IOTF) in honor of the ITF founder Choi Hong Hi. Grand Master Kirschbaum was elected as the first President of the IOTF.

2003-Conducted the IOTF General conference and ratified the bylaws and began appointments to national Directors worldwide.

2006-Grand Master Kirschbaum was re-elected as President of the IOTF.

2010-Grand Master Kirschbaum was re-elected for his second term of President of the IOTF and was also inducted into the International Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame with the special award of “Grand Master of the Year.”

Presently, Grand Master Kirschbaum continues the wishes of the Father of Taekwon-Do, Choi Hong Hi.  The General is quoted in his encyclopedias saying, “My dream has at last been realized...the ultimate fantasy of spreading and teaching Taekwon-Do with no regard to considerations of religion, ideology, national boundaries or race...”

Grand Master Kirschbaum is quoted saying, “It is truly an honor to have been commissioned by the founder of Original Taekwon-Do to continue the work through this generation so that every element of Original Ch’ang Hon Taekwon-Do can be preserved under certified instructors. I would have never dreamed that some day I would be in the fellowship of so many great Masters and Grand Masters in the Martial Arts. It is truly a privilege to serve others with something that gives such gratification. I can say without hesitation that I am truly blessed.”

Grand Master Kirschbaum’s mission as a leading figure in this next generation of Original Taekwon-Do instructor’s, is to provide quality training and authentic certification to all that desire to learn the Original Ch’ang Hon Taekwon-Do created by Choi Hong Hi.

The current operation of the IOTF is to facilitate the unification of all Taekwon-Do, Tae Kwon Do, Taekwondo, organizations and practitioners’ worldwide into one general body. Though the challenges seem impossible at times, the accomplishments will be overwhelmingly rewarding for all. Each IOTF National Director and International Ambassador is making great progress on a daily basis.

Grand Master Kirschbaum has attained the following ranks in martial arts:

1st Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kempo

3rd Degree Black Belt in Japanese Shoto-Kan

4th Degree Black Belt in Korean Hapki-Do

6th Degree Black Belt in Korean Tang Soo-Do

9th Degree Black Belt in Original Taekwon-Do

9th Degree Black Belt in KiRu Moo-Do

Titles won:

1973 Wisconsin State Karate Champion

1974 Gopher State (Minnesota) Karate Champion

1975 North Central Tri-State Karate Champion

1976 Wisconsin State Taekwon-Do Champion

1977 Mid America Regional Karate Champion

1978-1980 USTC National Taekwon-Do light heavyweight Champion

1980-1984 (ITC) Lt. Heavyweight World Champion

Served in Martial Arts Organizations:

1973-First President of the Wisconsin Taekwon-Do Federation

1973-CEO of the North Central Instructors Black Belt Federation

1978-First President of the United States Taekwon-Do Commission

1987-Head Master Instructor of the International Academy of Taekwon-Do

1996-First President of the Original Taekwon-Do Federation (OTF)

1997-ITF Representative to the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace

1998-Appointed Master Instructor Certification Director by Choi Hong Hi

2001-Technical director at the Center for KiRu-Do Healing and Martial Arts

2002-President of the International Original Taekwon-Do Federation (IOTF)

Served in Non-Martial Arts Organizations:

1991-1993 Advisory Board to the President UK-LCC

2006-2007 Vice President of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Asoc.

2007-2008 President of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

2009-Current Presenter for the POW/MIA Ceremony (Military Honors)

Other Degrees and Certifications:

Certified Respiratory Therapist (National Board of Respiratory Care)

Certified CPR Instructor (American Heart Association)

Certified Asthma Educator (American Lung Association)

Certified EMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)

Certified Concealed Deadly Weapons Instructor (Commonwealth of Ky.)

Commissioned a Kentucky Colonel By the Governor of Kentucky

Commissioned a Kentucky Admiral By the Kentucky Cabinet of Energy

Military Service:

Enlisted December 10, 1973 Army National Guard Battery A, 1st Battalion 120th Field Artillery, 32nd Infantry Division (the Red arrow)

Honorably Discharged on May 20th, 1989 with the rank of Sergeant First Class after completing 15 years of service.


Received the Armed Forces Reserve/National Guard Medal, Army NCO Professional Development Medal, National Defense Medal, Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Solders Medal, Reserve Component Medal, American Defense Medal, Vietnam Defense Medal, Special Operations Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Armed Forces Expert Marksman Medal in Rifle, Hand-grenade and Machine-gun, Presidential Unit Citation Medal, Army Service Ribbon, and the National Guard Perfect Attendance Ribbon with two oak clusters.