Elic Finkelstein Beloglovsky

Born on February 18, 1947 in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico,

Elic Beloglovsky Finkelstein, received his basic physical training of his most respected teacher, his father, Don Leon Finkelstein Perelgut Z'L. (1921-1986)

At the young age of 4 years Elic started training in Greco-Roman Wrestling, gymnastics and Olympic Sports.

Some time later, in 1953, the Elic couple arrived at the doors of the Kais Dojo, where he studied the fine art of Judo with Sensei Takayama Kawa, reaching the 2nd. Dan, about ten years later.

In 1956, with an anticipated military service, Elic Finkelstein, joined CAMIC (Military Training Center) from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Instituto de Ciencias de la 15a. Military Zone, which under the orders of then Commander CAMIC Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Vallejo, the Mexican Army, and Lieutenant Complement Roberto Rosas, Commander C.A.M.I.C, naming him for his merits as a soldier his first few weeks in Cape Town and then became a 2nd Sgt.

Elic then became an instructor of various sports such as swimming, diving and judo. At the same time he became the bearer of the National Escort CAMIC, and shortly after 1st Sgt. And National Commander of the Escort and Script CAMIC After the end of his military service, and having released his book with the rank of Sergeant First, Instructor Finkelstein, decided to stay for five more years in his sports work, and under the leadership of Captain Roberto Rosas. During those five years of service, he received the degree of Sub. Lieutenant and then Deputy Supplement Mexican National Army.

Similarly, his interest in martial arts, led him to enroll in the dojo nari Studio Kamasu the Sandai Senshi Kamasu Sensei, who taught a style similar to Karate Shito Ryu, from 1961 until 1966, when the destination, it takes to change his residence to the United States of America in 1968.

 His stay in the United States until mid-1973, Shihan Elic Finkelstein, practiced various martial styles such as Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga, without roots in any of them. Geographical proximity and interest in knowing the famous Elvis Presley, led him to attend a great event, in which Ed Parker, presented publicly at an Eastern martial artist by the name Bruce Lee. And also in attendance was the legendary Chuck Norris.

 In this event he knew it would make a real big influence in his life, the teacher Tsuyoshi Hanshi Söke Inkato always looking for and desire to teach the art of Kenjutsu, the Art of the Sword. Who also taught him the secrets of the five cuts IAI-Do. He invited Elic to learn from The Forbidden Ninja Martial Arts, "Nin-Po Mikkyō" Teaching Spiritual Secret Power "legendary knowledge of the esoteric doctrine Mikkyō Mysticism.

Nearly two decades later, and back in his native Mexico, Professor Elic Finkelstein joined the Karate Studio Galleries Professor Enrique Flores Tovar, which, stripped of his Black Belts began his training in Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Yamabushi the Dux Ryu Ninjutsu System. Their active participation in Koga Warrior Society led him to participate in various courses, camps and seminars in the organization, which complemented his training, an exceptional form, being more relevant to the Workshop Instructors 1991 and survival at Camp Hill Inn in 1992. In mid-1994, Elic Beloglovsky Finkelstein opened his own Koga Ninja Studio fully endorsed by Enrique Flores, who in writing, with the permission and signature and stamp of Hanshi Frank W. Dux, was authorized to open.

Elic Finkelstein was a member of the Karate Studio, until in 1995 and received the degree of Black Belt, 1st Kyu.

On the advice of his former teacher, Professor Elic Finkelstein decides to leave the Koga Ninja Studio and rename it Mikkyō Nin-Po, which is to prevent change to the current sensitivities "FINKELSTEINRYU" NIN - POMIKKY or name under which the continuing spread of Ninjutsu he learned from many years ago. Since then Elic has received his 5th Dan in Dux Ryu Ninjitsu and is currently training for his 6th Dan at the young age of 59 with the intention of leaving a legacy for his children and students.

Shihan Finkelstein currently devotes part of his time to support an ambitious project led by Hanshi Frank W. Dux., Which seeks to promote quality and professionalism in the Martial Arts, also, Elic has been appointed as the first Mexican to be given the authority to promote the "BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL" in July 2009.